International Institute of Project Coaching

Welcome to the International Institute of Project Coaching.

We support a global community of professional and like-minded project coaches and consultants.  Together, we are building the project coaching profession and cultivating best practice in project management, program management, portfolio management, governance, business analysis and organizational change management.

While the IIPC refers specifically to “coaching” in its designation, we espouse the use of both coaching and mentoring in the project sphere.

Why Project Coaching?

The world over, more and more organizations are realizing the benefits of project coaching.  These benefits are threefold:

  • For the organization development of a culture of project success, capacity,
  • For the team project success,
  • For the coachee development of individual’s skills and knowledge, support

Through our Members and Certified Project Coaches we know that:

  • Coaching teaches and reinforces good disciplined project process
  • Coaching builds soft leadership skills
  • Coaching results in the development of trust between the coach and coachee
  • Coaching influences and supports the coachee to achieve more than they believe they are capable of achieving
  • Through coaching, organizations see incremental growth in the coachee, their team and the organization
“My current project is large, complex and abstract, and there was no
precedent to learn from within my organisation for this type of project.
Project coaching really helped me to define a logical project life cycle
and establish a methodology for managing the project.”
Dr. Lesley Whitehurst


Why the IIPC?

The International Institute of Project Coaching provides access to support as well as project and coaching assessment tools, templates and other resources that you may need to be a project coach or consultant.  It offers a global community focused on life-long learning, knowledge sharing and professional support.

Become a Member to be part of our global community.  Stand out even further and become an internationally Certified Project Coach from the global certifiying body, recognized by your profession as having the skills and attributes to plan, contribute and support organizational change and professionally develop people.  There are three levels of international project coach certification:

  1. Associate Project Coach™ (APC)
  2. Professional Project Coach™ (PPC)
  3. Master Project Coach™ (MPC)

Do you have what it takes to contribute to your organization as a valued project coach?

  • Are you a project management or business analysis consultant wanting to obtain certification to add to your value?
  • Do you want to be part of an association that supports you with the knowledge and tools to become an even greater project coach and consultant?

Is project coaching a career opportunity for you?

  • Do you have a track record of success as a project/program/portfolio manager, business analyst, governance personnel or organizational change manager?
  • Do you have the ability and desire to recognize potential in others?
  • Do you have a willingness to share and contribute to the development of project coaching knowledge?
  • Do you have strong professional ethics and standards?

If so, consider becoming a Member or a Certified Project Coach today!


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