Certification Overview

The International Institute of Project Coaching is the global authority for certification in the project coaching profession. The International Institute of Project Coaching recognizes project management and business analysis coaches and consultants’ expertise in the project management and business analysis professions and their ability to engage and develop people, reflecting the alignment to the coaching profession. Certified Project Coaches have the ability to influence and help change organizational cultures.

There are three levels of international certification available to Certified Project Coaches:

1. Associate Project Coach™ (APC) – a person who has basic training in either project management or business analysis as well as coaching that is equipped to support project team members.

2. Professional Project Coach™ (PPC) – a person with significant training in either project management or business analysis as well as coaching, and who has professional experience coaching project team members.

3. Master Project Coach™ (MPC) – a person with advanced skills, training and experience as a project manager or business analyst,who also has formal training and significant experience in professional coaching.

These certifications require training in project management or business analysis as well as coaching, being the disciplines that make up the project coaching profession’s body of knowledge, and together with hours of experience, will reflect the eligibility for the different levels of certification.

Being a Certified Project Coach ensures that you are recognized by your peers and in your industry as a project coach at a level that appropriately reflects your individual skills and knowledge, whether that be as an Associate Project Coach (APC), a Professional Project Coach (PPC) or a Master Project Coach (MPC).

Our framework allows you to become certified at an appropriate level and build your wealth of knowledge and experience to reach the pinnacle of project coaching; the Master Project Coach (MPC).

We often receive feedback from our Certified Project Coaches.  Many report that they have been asked about their professional qualifications prior to appointment.  Many report that they have received appointments as a result of their status as a Certified Project Coach.  That is because Certified Project Coaches are sought after by industry. Organizations don’t want to trust their projects and their valued project staff to just anybody.

“What did I gain and learn from my project coach?:

  • Practical insights beyond my organization’s framework and how to apply the theory
  • Support in use of my organization’s framework, templates and tools
  • An understanding of project roles and responsibilities
  • How to ask questions, and be clear about what others
  • How to effectively liaise with my project staff, and establish ongoing
  • Increased self awareness and self confidence
  • How to create documentation when none existed”
Project Coachee

Certified Project Coaches are bound by a Code of Ethics and standards.  When engaging a Certified Project Coach, organizations are getting peace of mind that they are engaging with people who have skills and knowledge and adhere to professional ethics and standards of the highest calibre.

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