Regulations for Use of Certification Marks

Regulations for Use of Certification Marks

Once an application to become a Certified Project Coach is accepted, users are bound by the following regulations for the use of certification marks as set out below.

The Certification Marks; Associate Project Coach™, Professional Project Coach™ and Master Project Coach™ are owned by the International Institute of Project Coaching.  Use of these Certification Marks is strictly limited to those persons who are properly certified by the IIPC.

All such authorized users must comply with the following regulations regarding the use of Certification Marks.  For the protection of the IIPC and other authorized users, misuse of the Certification Marks or failure to comply with these regulations may result in disqualification to use these Marks.

  1. You must use the Certification Mark only in connection with the provision of advisory and consultancy services in relation to project management, program management, project governance or business analysis;
  2. You must use only the Certification Mark for the level of Certification you have been provided;
  3. You must not omit part of, or make any alteration to any part of the Certification Mark;
  4. You must not use the Certification Mark in any way that would lessen its value or cause harm to its reputation or that of the IIPC;
  5. You must not sub-licence the Certification Mark to another party or transfer your right to use it in any way;
  6. You must market, advertise, promote and provide your services in accordance with the laws applicable in your country of operation;
  7. You must adhere to the IIPC Style Guide (rtf) regarding the use of the Certification Mark.

Download full details on Regulations of Certification Marks (pdf) and the IIPC Style Guide (pdf).

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