Membership Benefits

Becoming a Member offers many benefits.

As a Member you will be provided with a log in ID and password which will give you access to the project coaching community.

This includes:

  1. Access to Master Project Coaches online forum to ask questions and seek support;
  2. Access to eNewsletters, free webinars and other useful resources
  3. Access to the IIPC’s job service; Career Boost;
  4. Access to project and coaching templates and registers;
  5. Access to the qualifications and training provided by Certified Training Partners (and discounts where applicable);
  6. A certificate of membership valid for a period of twelve months;
  7. Allowance to use MIIPC as a post-nominal.

We welcome feedback from you on benefits sort by our members.  Please contact us if you would like to make a suggestion about how we can support you in becoming a better project coach.

“I have worked with a project management coach off and
on for over 5 years, and found it tremendously beneficial.  Somehow,
although I have been very well trained in project management,  I have
often ended up working in places where I was the only project manager.  As
a result, I didn’t have the benefit of working with other more experienced PMs
or of access to documents and lessons learned from previous projects to avoid
reinventing the wheel.  Having a coach to review my documents and guide me
through bumpy moments with stakeholders has saved me a great deal of time and
enabled me to progress rapidly in the size and complexity of projects I was
able to manage.”

Project Coachee 2012

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