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Project Coaching by Todd Hutchison
Project coaching is the world’s first comprehensive guide to the project coaching profession. Aimed at professional and voluntary project coaches, as well as project and program managers who develop project team members, this comprehensive guide covers all key areas required to be an effective project coach. Endorsed by the International Institute of Project Coaching, this book helps to develop skills in linguistics and body language and explains the latest understanding of the human mind, behavioural sciences and the psychology of performance. Understanding the working of the human brain, including thinking models, communication styles and behavioural models will transform your ability to enhance a coachee’s performance and have a significant impact on the culture. It includes project tips and techniques that are most common to the working project coach, as well as explains project management theory to equip a person to perform in the role as a credible project coach. This book includes a full glossary of terms, pictures of body gestures and their meaning, and offers key templates used in project coaching, becoming the ultimate reference for the profession. Order your copy of the “Project Coaching” book for only US$35.00 (plus postage and handling.
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Your Project Management Coach: Best Practices for Managing Projects in the Real World by Bonnie Biafore

Many projects fail to deliver on time or on budget, or even to
deliver a workable product that satisfies the customer. While good project
management goes a long way towards ensuring success, managers often fail to
follow the plans they implement. This unique guide helps you understand and
successfully handle project management, once and for all. Covering practical
ways to solve problems you’ll typically face when managing actual projects,
this pragmatic book takes you through a full project management lifecycle.
You’ll find ample tips, tricks, and best practices–all richly illustrated with
real case studies.
Find out how to plan for risk, get wayward projects back on
track, manage a whole portfolio of projects, and much more. Each topic in the
book is mapped to the exam topics of the PMP Certification Exam, so PMP
certification candidates can also use this book for test prep. The book’s
companion web site offers downloadable forms, templates, and checklists.
  • Explains project management for the real world using a pragmatic
    approach that includes field-tested techniques, case studies to illustrate
    concepts, helpful tips and tricks, and downloadable content
  • Guides you to project management success by providing friendly
    advice, as if you had a friend or project management consultant at your side,
    discussing issues
  • Explores how to run successful meetings, how to get wayward
    projects back on track, planning for risk, and how to manage multiple projects.
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Advising Upwards by Lynda Bourne

Published by Gower in 2011 this book provides a framework for understanding and engaging senior management stakeholders.
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The Portable Coach by Thomas J Leonard
This book contains 28 surefire strategies for business and personal success
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The Project Management Coaching Workbook: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential by Susanne Madsen

This book offers tools, assessments, guiding practices, and exercises that will help you build your roadmap to project management and leadership success.
The book spans 250 pages and offers a proven six-step method designed to help you understand and articulate what you want to achieve—and then assists you in achieving those goals.
You will learn how to overcome the most common challenges project managers face, uncover what your unique talent is, benchmark your current skill set, understand how your peers rate you, and take the necessary steps to become a highly valued and truly successful project leader.  For more information about the book, go to:
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Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

As an agile coach, you can help project teams become
outstanding at agile, creating products that make them proud and helping
organizations reap the powerful benefits of teams that deliver both innovation
and excellence.

More and more frequently, ScrumMasters and project
managers are being asked to coach agile teams. But it’s a challenging role. It
requires new skills—as well as a subtle understanding of when to step in and
when to step back. Migrating from “command and control” to agile coaching
requires a whole new mind-set.

In Coaching Agile Teams, Lyssa Adkins gives
agile coaches the insights they need to adopt this new mind-set and to guide
teams to extraordinary performance in a re-energized work environment. You’ll
gain a deep view into the role of the agile coach, discover what works and what
doesn’t, and learn how to adapt powerful skills from many allied disciplines,
including the fields of professional coaching and mentoring.

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