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The International Institute of Project Coaching is helping to bring together a community of professional and volunteer project coaches and consultants who may be able to assist one another in becoming more proficient and competent, at the same time providing opinions on current organisational issues.

We maintain a register of Certified Project Coaches.  If you are in need of Project Coaching services, please contact us and we will refer you to a Certified Project Coach in your area.

RAP session, Project Definition, Project Requirements, RFI, vendor shortlisting,
vendor presentations, Solution Recommendation, Proof of Concept testing,
Handover, Project Team/Steering Committee/Sponsor meetings.
Some of the above terminology I hadn’t even encountered before, so I had no idea
where to start at first.  Working with an experienced project coach was invaluable.
During the life of the project, I was more confident in taking a lead role, I
made decisions, created documentation, ran meetings; all with my coach as my safety net.”
Project Coachee
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